WWF Canada Living Planet Leader Program

The WWF panda mascot hands out flowers in Branion Plaza

WWF Living Planet Leaders are students leading change and calling for a more sustainable world. Designated leaders have demonstrated leadership in promoting sustainability and protecting nature on their campus or in their community. 

This designation is granted through a self-guided certification program. You can cater this certificate to your interests and work by finding opportunities related to your passions and interests. We currently have 8 Living Planet Leaders at the University of Guelph, who made the certificate their own by focusing on their individual interests and academic background. 

Why become a WWF Canada Living Planet Leader?

Becoming a WWF Canada Living Planet Leader is a great way to showcase your work and commitment to leading change on campus or in your community. The national recognition through the designation is a great way to enhance and elevate any resume, as it shows future employers your commitment to improving sustainability and protecting nature. The iconic WWF Canada logo makes for a great conversation starter that allows you to share your story of obtaining the certification. It's also a great way to connect and network with other students across Canada interested in sustainability and biodiversity conservation. 



This opportunity is available to any post-secondary students (undergraduate and graduate). As a student, you have from the first day of your first post-secondary program until three months after graduating from your degree at the University of Guelph to complete and submit the requirements to WWF Canada. 

You must complete actions in the following categories:

  • Campus, community or global volunteerism
  • Personal application of sustainability
  • Application of sustainability in academics
  • Leadership and teamwork

How can the Sustainability Office help me complete the certificate? 

We're here as the campus partner to help guide you on your way to completing the certificate. We can help you find volunteer opportunities to assist you in meeting the requirements above. We can also answer some questions related to the dashboard and the designation process. 

Please email Samantha at sustainability@uoguelph.ca with any questions or needs you may have. To stay in the loop with upcoming volunteer opportunities, please email soengage@uoguelph.ca and asked to be added to our newsletter list-serv. List-serv members receive our weekly newsletter that shares curated virtual volunteer opportunities on-and-off campus.