Green Labs Guelph


What is Green Labs Guelph?

Green Labs Guelph is a student-led organization focused on making the University of Guelph campus labs more sustainable. Green Labs Guelph aims to create and improve lab sustainability practices through waste diversion, proper equipment management, responsible energy use, sustainable procurement, and outreach between students and laboratories in the UofG community. As an organization, Green Labs Guelph aims to foster sustainability leadership by providing resources and initiatives focused on making informing lab users on how labs can take action to reduce waste. 


Green Labs Guelph's Projects and Initiatives

Green Labs Guelph collaborates with students and faculty to develop multiple sustainability initiatives. One of these is a lab coat reuse program, which will decrease the waste associated with transporting, packaging, and disposing of lab coats that aren't in use. 

Another project in development is a Terracycle pilot project. A select few labs will be partnered with Terracycle to recycle PPE and masks, which have increasingly become a significant source of lab waste.

Finally, we are initiating a sustainability audit that any student or faculty can use as a tool to guide their lab toward sustainable improvements.

We encourage any student or faculty to join the club to gain access to these resources when they are finalized and to develop these projects further. Please make a request on Gryphlife or email 

Get Involved in Greening Labs

Green Labs Guelph is open to all University of Guelph students. Anyone can join as a general member to volunteer for a project, access resources to implement sustainability initiatives in their labs, and network with other members. Those who'd like to be more involved can join our Marketing, Finance, or Project Committees, where we work closely to promote, fund, and develop sustainable initiatives.

The Exec Board oversees the Committees, which are integral to coordinating Green Labs Guelph's activities. 

To get involved with Green Labs Guelph, please email with your interests.