Composting in Offices

Composting in Offices

Our Compost Crew is small but mighty - with most of our current capacity focused primarily on expanding composting in campus dining halls and kitchens, where the highest compostable material volume comes from. 

These outdoor compost bins are therefore used as a means for workspaces to be able to compost on campus. 

If you're looking to champion composting in a communal kitchen in your workspace and would like to request an outdoor bin be located near your building. Please email for a consultation with our Compost Crew, who will assist you in setting up composting in your workspace correctly. 

 For example, departments such as the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario have reached out to the office with questions on how to implement an organic waste system that is practical for their space. Through a walk-through consultation, our team determined a practical approach based on the location's size, access to bins, and estimated compost volume. Sometimes, a small kitchen bin is all needed for a space, and a staff member would be responsible for emptying the bin into a nearby outdoor compost bin. This may be a good location for our crew to do weekly pickups if higher volumes occur. 

Composting in Residence

This year, composting will be available to students living in residence buildings attached to dining halls. 

Compost bins will be available in all front of house (the area you dine) dining locations attached to residences, such as Mountain Hall, Prairie Dining Hall, and LA Grill. 

Therefore, students living in residence can bring compostable items to the dining hall to dispose of in the front-of-house composting bins. Similar to an outdoor compost bin, these indoor front-of-house bins will act as a centralized collection area for compost. 

Composting instructions for what is accepted can be found on the signage in each dining hall. If there are any questions on an item's acceptance, use our UofG Waste Wizard to see if it is accepted in compost steams on campus.