An electric vehicle charging station on campus


Pedal Power

Our students have been strong advocates and partners with Campus Parking Services for improved biking infrastructure on campus. For example, the Central Student Association (CSA) Bike Centre is a do-it-yourself bike repair shop. The Bike Repair Centre offers access to the tools, parts, and training necessary for bicycle maintenance, along with a team of volunteers that are available to assist users and facilitate learning. Workshops are hosted by experienced technicians who educate and create awareness about bicycle maintenance and safety.

The Green Gryphon Bike Shelter and Pavillion by Branion Plaza was built to support and encourage more people to bike to campus – the wood and steel bike shelter holds approximately 90 bikes. It’s also adaptive.  Emptied of its racks, it can be used as an open-sided pavilion for small groups. Experience this and other student-driven innovation across campus. Why not by bike?   

Driving Change Forward

Transportation accounts for a quarter of Canada’s carbon emissions. If we’re going to drive change forward, we have to shift the way people move to and from campus. Campus Parking Services is working to support and promote the use of active transportation and zero-emission vehicles. In 2019, 25 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations were installed in prime location parking spots across campus. U of G added its first plug-in electric vehicle to its fleet and 4 EV chargers in the Transportation Department to support new additions shortly.