Waste Reduction

On-Campus Waste Reduction Directory

Bag Bank

Bag Bank is a student-led Sustainability Ambassador program which advocates for plastic bag reduction for more information. 

Drop and Cop Clothing Swap

This is a student-led pop-up consignment store led through our Sustainability Ambassador program. For more information or to get involved, email soengage@uoguelph.ca


Our composting program has prevented over 200 tonnes of food scraps and coffee grinds from going to landfill. More information available here

Green Team

This is our student-led waste reduction outreach team. Interested in joining the Green Team, email soengage@uoguelph.ca

Free Store

Our campus pop-up Free Store is run by our Sustainability Ambassadors. To get involved, email soengage@uoguelph.ca

Furniture Swap

Our Furniture Swap App helps usable campus furniture find a new on-campus home. You can access the web app here. 


For an initial, one-time $5 investment, you can get a reusable green takeout container for on-campus dining services. When you return your container, you will receive a card that you may exchange for a clean container for the next time you dine. Cards are available for purchase at any University Centre cashier. 

ICON Ideas Congress

ICON is a transdisciplinary course that matches students and community partners to work on a challenge related to sustainability. Over the past two semesters they have been working to reduce single-use plastics at the University of Guelph and within the City of Guelph. For more information, visit http://www.ideacon.ca.

Move Out Madness

Move Out Madness is designed to help University of Guelph students redirect unwanted furniture and large items, food, and clothing to community agencies, recycling facilities, or student reuse.The Move Out Madness program provides clothing and food donations to the local foodbanks, and free large-item pick-ups for off-campus students at the end of every academic year. Furniture from Move Out Madness is given away to students every September. For more information, visit Move out Madness or email moveout@uoguelph.ca.


Old mascara wands are used by wildlife rehab centers to clean fur and feathers and dislodge mites. Please clean your used mascara wands with soap and water and bring them to our dropbox located in the Sustainability Office.

Waste Assessments, Training, and Workshops

Our Environmental Sustainability Coordinator is available for on-campus waste assessments. They can suggest waste solutions for your space, and conduct optional trainings/workshops. Email compost@uoguelph.ca to set up an appointment.