Sustainability Ambassador Program

What is the Sustainability Ambassador Program (SAP)?

The Sustainability Ambassador Program is an environmental leadership opportunity. 

The program assists campus community members in developing, scaling, and leading action-oriented projects by providing resources, mentorship and institutional support. 

This program was created to develop meaningful action-oriented volunteer opportunities that work to improve campus sustainability, protect local biodiversity, take climate action, and build community resilience.  

Individuals who participate in or lead any of our program's designated projects are known as Sustainability Ambassadors. 

As a Sustainability Ambassador, you will work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team of volunteers to bring project ideas to life while engaging and inspiring community members from across the UofG campus.

What do Sustainability Ambassadors do? 

As the Sustainability Ambassador Program is project-based, the tasks, responsibilities, and time commitment vary based on the role taken within the designated project. This allows individuals wishing to become Sustainability Ambassadors to design what their involvement looks like based on their availability, interests, and ability to commit.  

For example, project leads would require more time and availability because of the leadership responsibilities and commitment required for developing a project and leading a team. 

To assist project leads, we have a passionate team of Sustainability Ambassador Coordinators, who are available to assist with and support the development of all projects by offering guidance, access to resources, and a helping hand in recruitment, leading a meeting, and managing documents. 

This year, to recognize and appreciate our Sustainability Ambassadors' contributions to campus sustainability, we offer a certification of participation at the end of each semester, which can be claimed by filling out a short form highlighting your participation and reflecting on your role in the program. This form will be available to complete in the last month of each semester, and certificates will be emailed upon certification and completion. 


Why Become a Sustainability Ambassador? 

  1. You'll gain a greater understanding of campus and community sustainability. 
  2. You can learn how to mobilize other students, staff, and faculty to take action on pressing issues.
  3. You will have plenty of opportunities to earn eligible volunteer hours for your WWF Living Planet Leader certification.
  4. You'll have a chance to access mentorship, resources, and support through the Sustainability Office. 
  5. You will be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities, including our paid summer student positions. 
  6. You'll receive recognition as a sustainability leader on campus through the Sustainability Ambassador title and have the option of receiving a formal Sustainability Ambassador certification. 
  7. You will develop professional and personal skills that can elevate your resume. 
  8. You'll get to expand your network, which can be beneficial for personal and professional development.
  9. You'll be helping foster and enhance the University of Guelph's unique sustainability culture.
  10. You'll be shaping the future of the University of Guelph campus through contributing to action-oriented projects.

How to Become a Sustainability Ambassador?

If you are interested in joining one of our existing projects, please read the project's specific page to see if it is currently accepting new volunteers, what available roles there are, and how to get involved with them directly.  Upon becoming involved with that project, your participation will be recorded, and you'll be eligible to complete the certification of participation form.

If you're unsure what project you'd like to get involved with, please fill out our program expression of interest form and be connected with one of our Sustainability Ambassador Coordinators, who will assist you in finding or creating an opportunity that works for you.

If you have a project idea or are interested in leading one of the ideas listed in our project idea bank, please fill out the expression of interest form. Our program coordinator will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.