Sustainability Ambassadors

Welcome to the Sustainability Ambassador Program 


A half-acre native pollinator meadow. 
A pop-up shop where you can donate old clothes and build a new outfit, for free. 
A community reusable bag sharing program. 
A sustainable fashion show with all local designers.  

What do these initiatives have in common? Through a shared vision for a sustainable future, students at the University of Guelph brought these ideas to life.  

Students are using the University of Guelph campus as a “living laboratory” to cultivate our sustainability culture and improve campus life.  

The University of Guelph has always been at the forefront of community-led research, and the research and testing being conducted by our Sustainability Ambassadors right here on campus is no exception of that. 

Our students learn to develop, scale, and lead solution-oriented projects that target root problems of many of today’s most pressing sustainability issues – climate change, fast fashion, waste management, and biodiversity loss.  

This student-powered, student-led program is developing the next generation of sustainability leaders who are trained in effectively communicating issues, experienced in project management, and understand how to target root causes.  
The Sustainability Office is a hub for these leaders to take environmental action, and provide a space for students who are committed to making real, tangible change on their campus and beyond. 


Why Become a Sustainability Ambassador?  

Joining the Sustainability Ambassador team means joining an active network of young environmental leaders on the University of Guelph campus. This program provides the opportunity for students to learn about institutional sustainability, while developing personal and professional skills related to event planning, program development, and engagement. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline at the University of Guelph. Successful sustainability initiatives require an interdisciplinary approach, so we encourage everyone to apply!  


Perks of the Program:  

  1. Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador is a great way to get involved with our Office. If you’re interested in becoming a Sustainability Office Peer Helper (Lead Sustainability Ambassador or Green Team Lead) or receiving one of our summer student positions, we recommend getting involved! 
  2. You’ll receive recognition as a sustainability leader on campus, through the experience you’ll gain in educating peers and running events!.  
  3. You will have plenty of opportunity to earn volunteer hours, that count towards the WWF Living Planet Leader certification! 
  4. Connect with various sustainability groups, organizations, and departments on campus!  
  5. Develop professional and personal skills that can elevate your resume!  
  6. Ability to channel your passion and activism into action based projects that will improve or promote sustainability on campus. 



Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador: 

Interested to see what our current Sustainability Ambassadors are up to? 
You can find a detailed list under the "Sustainability Ambassador Projects" Tab. 

Please email  our Sustainability Ambassador Coordiantor team at to be added to the Sustainability Ambassador list-serv to get updates on upcoming projects and training opportunities!