Sustainability Ambassadors


Welcome to the Sustainability Ambassador Program 

A half-acre native pollinator meadow. 

A sustainable fashion show. 

A community reusable bag sharing program. 

A sustainable fashion show with all local designers.  

What do these initiatives have in common? Through a shared vision for a sustainable future, students at the University of Guelph brought these ideas to life.  

Students are using the University of Guelph campus as a "living laboratory" to cultivate our sustainability culture and improve campus life.  

The University of Guelph has always been at the forefront of community-led research, and the research and testing being conducted by our Sustainability Ambassadors right here on campus is no exception to that. 

Who are the Sustainability Ambassadors?  

These are students who volunteer with the Sustainability Office! So, if you work on or lead any projects run through the Sustainability Office, you'll earn Sustainability Ambassador status for your contributions to improving campus and community sustainability. 


The Sustainability Ambassador program aims to have students lead and develop projects, campaigns, and initiatives focused on improving campus or community sustainability. So, if you have an idea for a sustainability-related project, initiative, or campaign you'd like to bring to the University of Guelph, we're here to help!  


This program helps students develop, scale, and lead solution-oriented projects that target root problems of many of today's most pressing sustainability issues – climate change, fast fashion, waste management, and biodiversity loss.  

Don't have an idea, but want to lead a project? Please send us an email and learn about the ideas we have in our Idea Bank. 


Perks of the Program:  
  1. Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador is a great way to get involved with our Office. If you're interested in becoming a Sustainability Office Peer Helper (Lead Sustainability Ambassador or Green Team Lead) or receiving one of our summer student positions, we recommend getting involved! 
  2. You'll receive recognition as a sustainability leader on campus through the experience you'll gain in educating peers and running events!.  
  3. You will have plenty of opportunities to earn volunteer hours that count towards the WWF Living Planet Leader certification
  4. Connect with various sustainability groups, organizations, and departments on campus!  
  5. Develop professional and personal skills that can elevate your resume!  



Becoming a Sustainability Ambassador

Interested to see what our current Sustainability Ambassadors are up to this semester? Or have an idea that you want to pitch to our program? 

Please email our Sustainability Ambassador Coordinator team at to be added to the Sustainability Ambassador list-serv to stay updated on upcoming projects and training opportunities.