Sustainability Week/Month

What is Sustainability Week?

Sustainability Week is 7 days of action meant to encourage and inspire 365 days of commitment. This annual event cultivates and highlights campus sustainability through promoting initiatives, research, and action that takes place at the University of Guelph. Sustainability Week brings together the entire University of Guelph community from staff, faculty, students to our community partners through these series of events and campaigns. 



In 2008, University of Guelph students organized the first sustainability related event – Sustainability Day. Overtime, that day turned into a week long celebration run in September consisting of events like panel discussions and resource fairs.

For almost 11 years, UofG students have planned & hosted a "Sustainability Week" to celebrate and feature topics on sustainability and showcase those taking action.

This year, we have decided to expand Sustainability Week into a month long celebration. Sustainability Month allows us to connect with more of our University of Guelph community by running more events and campaigns spread over a month. 


Past Themes

This year, we dedicated the entire month of March to celebrate & feature stories of sustainability that inspire and draw our attention to the most pressing issues of our time. This year our theme was "Our Shared Story". From teaching a course, cooking dishes, to physical campus operations, everyone is contributing to our shared story.

The theme for Sustainability Week 2019 was the Future of Food. This week examined food sustainability and security through a series of events, campaigns, and social media content. Highlights from this week were the Hospitality Services' "Re-setting the Table" announcement and the 5000 reusable mug giveaway. 

The theme for Sustainability Week 2018  was the SDG's through Local Action. This week aimed to show show how individual and systematic actions can contribute towards the success of reaching the 17 overarching goals.

Sustainability Month Planning Committee

If you're interested in joining the 2021 Sustainability Month Planning Committee, please email with your interest and experience in event planning. 

If you are a part of a campus or community organization and would like to run an event or collaboration during Sustainability Month, please email