Write for the Student Blog

Looking to get involved with us this summer? Now's your chance!


We're looking for writers to join our summer blog writing team for the "Sustainable Student".

This student blog is a platform for students to share news, ideas, or advice; that is related to any aspect of sustainability. We encourage students to connect their stories to their personal experiences. We also accept photo series for any photographers interested in visual communications.

This blog is an opportunity for students to gain writing experience, while share interesting content with our blog followers; who are primarily fellow students. We will additionally feature relevant blog posts and their writers on our social media channels. We encourage writers and photographers of any level to contribute their work.


Interested in joining? 

If you're interested in contributing to this student blog, please email sustainability@uoguelph.ca and we will share our resource package and list of content ideas with you. Olivia, our student blog manager will be happy to answer questions or post your content, once approved.