WWF Canada Living Planet Leader Program

Become a WWF Living Planet Leader.

WWF Living Planet Leaders are helping to tackle many of today’s most pressing environmental issues – climate change, waste management, and global biodiversity loss. 

Living Planet Leader is a self-guided certification program. This is an opportunity to compile and share your leadership experience on campus and in your community.


You must complete actions in the following categories:

  • • Campus, community or global volunteerism
  • • Personal application of sustainability
  • • Application of sustainability in academics
  • • Leadership and teamwork

Why become a WWF Canada Living Planet Leader?

You gain national recognition as a WWF Canada Living Planet Leader, build experience and highlights for your resume, and grow as a young sustainability leader. Read more about the University of Guelph's first Living Planet Leader here

This opportunity is available to any post-secondary students (undergraduate and graduate). The tineline for obtaining your certificate starts on the first day of first year of post-secondary until three months after your graduate to complete and submit the requirements, earning your Living Planet Leader certificate.

Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in learning about what volunteer opportunities there are? Email Samantha at sustainability@uoguelph.ca to get a become a digital volunteer with us this Summer.