Furniture Swap

A clipart banner for the furniture swap program

University of Guelph Furniture Swap 

The Furniture Swap is a campus-based service that aims to keep excess furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, and office chairs out of landfill and in use here on the University of Guelph campus.

Note: This service is available for University of Guelph faculty and staff to post and claim furniture for reuse on-campus only. 

How this service works: 

To find furniture, log on to the Furniture Swap platform and scroll through the catalogue of available items. Commonly listed items include filing cabinets, office chairs, and wooden desks. Once you find an item you'd like, claim the item and complete the app's detailed instructions. If you have questions about the listed item beyond the information provided on the website platform, please email the lister directly through the contact information provided with the posting.

To list an item, log on to the Furniture Swap platform and complete the post item form to have your furniture item listed. Once the form is completed, it will be reviewed and listed on the website. 

Do I need to pay to use the Furniture Swap?

The Furniture Swap is free to use. No charges will be incurred for moving items during regular hours of operation.

Regular hours of operation are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

However, charges may be applied if other tradespeople are required to prepare items for moving (e.g. dismantling desks or removing shelving units from walls).

What do I do if I need furniture removed immediately?

It is recommended that you try to find a new home for your furniture by posting items on the Furniture Swap before requesting the item to be removed.

If the request is urgent, please submit a Work Order by emailing: or by calling ext.53854. For more information, please visit the Work Order Request website page.

Have any questions?

Visit the Furniture Swap FAQ page or email with the subject line "Furniture Swap Question."