File Storage, Backups and Databases

Backup and Recovery Service

This service is a component of the CCS Data Protection Service. Active data is copied to an alternate location for restoration in case of loss or corruption of the original.

Central Storage

This service provides enterprise class storage to departmental, faculty and researcher servers on a cost sharing, subscription basis.

Database Hosting

The Database Hosting Service provides University departments and business units with database hosting and administration for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server upon request. These services are provided in a shared server environment.

File and Printer Sharing (CFS)

The Central File Service (CFS) provides access to a secure robust file storage area on campus for the use and protection of departmental and project files. 

Microsoft Active Directory Services

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) stores information about network components and allows the components to securely communicate with one another.

Secondary Storage

The Secondary Storage service is designed for clients who require storage for large amounts of data that change infrequently and for whom the amount of data stored takes priority over speed of transfers.