People in the ETC

Researcher Fields of Interest
Nigel Bunce Electrochemical Waste Treatment and Remediation
Aicheng Chen Electrochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Green Chemistry, Biorefining, Materials Science and Nanoscience
Leanne Chen Computational Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Materials and Interfaces, Energy Storage, Energy Transformation, Sustainability
John Dutcher Material Science, Thin Films and Membranes
 Animesh Dutta 

Biomass and Agri-residue Processing and Conversion, Renewable and Cleaner Energy Technologies, Chemical Upcycling of Waste for Chemicals and Materials

Abdallah Elsayed

Nanomaterials; Casting and Solidification of Light Alloys, Characterization of Metals and Alloys, In-situ Neutron Diffraction, Defect and Inclusion Analysis of Light Alloys

Khashayar Ghandi

Material Science, Green Chemistry, Electrochemical processes in supercritical conditions
Abdelaziz Houmam Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis, Interfaces, Material Science
Huiyan Li Biosensing, Micro/Nanofabrication, Bio-optics/electronics, and computational tools with biomedicine to decipher the molecular complexity and heterogeneity of disease progression, promoting improved diagnostics, prognosis, and treatment, eventually contributing to personalized medicine.
Jacek Lipkowski Biomimetic Films and Phospholipid Membranes, Electrodeposition and Electrometallurgy, Interfaces, Surface Electrochemistry and Catalysis
Erica Pensini  Development of New Energy-efficient Water Treatment Technologies That Enable Water Reuse and Restoration of Polluted Aquifers

Xiaorong Qin

Nanostructured Materials, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Surfaces and Interfaces
Dan Thomas Electrocatalysis, Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology, Material Science
Peter Tremaine High temperature aqueous chemistry, Nuclear reactor chemistry, Hydrothermal geochemistry

Students who are currently working in the center include:

Student Advisor
Abbasi, Fatemeh Lipkowski
Abner, Sharon Chen
Alcorn, Christopher Tremaine
Baylis, Ben Dutcher
Boateng, Emmanuel Chen
Chen, Shuai (Sharon) Chen
Cirone, Joseph Chen
Conrad, Jacy Tremaine
Crozier, Ryan Thomas
Dondapati, Jesse Chen
Durairaj, Sharmila Chen
Ferguson, Jane Tremaine
Linklater, Andrew Chen
Moore, Michael Thomas
Persaud, Avinaash Tremaine
Pourmand, Goli Houmam
Prins, Scott Chen
Said Amir, Raihana Tremaine
Salaudeen, Maryam (Bola) Houmam
Saley, Michael Houmam
Shami, Nathan Rowntree
Siltamaki, Dylan Chen/Lipkowski
Smith, David Thomas
Sylvester, Jason Tremaine
Thiruppathi, Antony Raj Chen
Van der Zalm, Joshua Chen

Within these research groups there are a number of individuals, working as post-doctoral fellows (PDF), research associates (RA), student research assistants (SRA), and visiting scientists (VS). They are

Researcher Research Group
Ahmed, Syed Rahin (PDF) Chen
Alvarez Malmagro, Julia (VS) Lipkowski
Arcis, Hugues (RA) Tremaine
Bolton, Kim (RA) Rowntree
Fandino Torres, Olivia (PDF) Tremaine
Grossutti, Mike (PDF) Dutcher
Hossain, MD Nur (PDF) Chen
Huang, Jerry (SRA) Dutcher
Huang, Wei (VS) Chen
Khaleel, Aiman (SRA) Chen
Kulic, Klay (SRA) Dutcher
Liu, Zhonggang (Eric) (PDF) Chen
Manikandan, Venkatesh (RA) Chen
McGregor, Christine (SRA) Tremaine
Sasidharanpillai, Swaroop (RA) Tremaine
Sidhureddy, Boopathi (PDF) Chen
Su, Zhang Fei (PDF) Lipkowski