Student Accessibility Services (formerly Centre for Students with Disabilities)

What is NOT allowed in the Exam

 The following items are NOT allowed in the exam room:

  • programmable/graphic calculators and other aids are NOT allowed into the exam unless you can show that you have your professor's permission. This may include a note from the professor attached to the test/exam or a call from the professor to the Exam Centre. It is in your best interest to e-mail your professor (copy to the Exam Co-ordinator), requesting him/her to confirm the specific permitted materials BEFORE you come to your test/exam.
  • backpacks, purses and coats must be left in the wardrobe
  • electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, cd players, laptops, blackberries, mp3 players) are NOT permitted in the exam room. Students may leave them in the wardrobe. Please note, that the wardrobe is NOT monitored.
  • food is NOT allowed in the exam rooms. If a break for food has been approved by your SAS Advisor, please discuss with the exam staff how this can be arranged BEFORE you begin your exam.

Student Accessibility Services

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