Visiting Speaker Seminar Fall 2016

Contact:  Prof. Rene Kirkegaard

All seminars are on Friday at 3:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated. Location: MacKinnon Building, Room 229, unless otherwise noted.

Date Title Speaker Host

September 7th

Special Date!

Equilibrium recoveries in insurance
markets with limited liability

Tim Boonen

University of Amsterdam

M. Hoy

September 9th     No Seminar  (Department special event)


September 16th   Optimal Mechanisms for Selling a Public
Good with Interdependent Values

Nick Bedard

University of Technology Sydney  

R. Kirkegaard

Septenber 21st 

Special date and room!

MCKN 230

Hard To Get: The Scarcity of Women and the
Competition for High-Income Men in Chinese Cities

David Ong

Peking University

B. Cadsby

September 23rd

This seminar has been postponed 
to the Winter semester.


Sumon Majumdar

Queen’s University

K. Annen

September 30th

From the bankruptcy problem and its Concede-and-Divide solution
to the assignment problem and its Fair Division solution

Christian Trudeau

University of Windsor

R. Kirkegaard

October 7th No Seminar  (Thanksgiving)


October 14th Investor implications of divesting from fossil fuels

Perry Sadorsky

York University

T. Genc

October 21st Committee Design under the Threat of Capture

Huseyin Yildirim

Duke University

J. Amegashie

October 28th

Effects of endogenous strike pay in Nash wage
bargaining models in an open shop framework

Ahmet Ozkardas

Turgut Ozal University / ANKARA 

T. Genc

November 4th Is Innovation a Factor in Merger Decisions?
Evidence from a Panel of U.S. Firms

Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir

Huron, Western University  

A. Sadanand

November 11th
Does hotness pay? The relationship between appearance, productivity and earnings for Ontario economics professors

Frances Woolley

Carleton University

M. Plesca

November 18th
Interaction times change evolutionary outcomes 

Ross Cressman

Wilfred Laurier University

T. Genc

November 25th

Riots, Emergency Powers, and Opportunistic Behavior: an Analysis using Bounded Variation Assumptions

Stephane Mechoulan

Dalhousie University

B. Ferguson

December 2nd Employment Insurance Changes and Labour Market Transitions: Evidence from the Canadian Labour Force Survey 2003-2009

Stephanie Lluis

University of Waterloo

A. Sadanand

December 9th

This event has been cancelled.

n/a n/a

L. Cellarier

December 13th

This event's location will be MCKN 231

Strategic Bidding and Contract Renegotiation

Georgia Kosmopoulou

University of Oklahoma

R. Kirkegaard