About this Person

About this Person

Senior Loan Analyst at Farm Credit Canada

Jacqueline is an OAC grad, and an employer at Farm Credit Canada, for the Flexible Internship Program. 

Jacqueline is a proud OAC grad from the University of Guelph, and currently works as a Senior Loan Analyst at Farm Credit Canada (FCC). The organization works to provides business and financial services to farms and farming related businesses in rural Canada. In 2018, FCC developed a partnership with the University's new Flexible Internship Program, and became an employer for the innovative 40-hour internship program. 

Being familiar with the academics at the U of G through her Bachelor of Commerce of degree, Jacqueline knew the nature of experiential programs at the university. When a student approached Jacqueline about interning at FCC, she was able to facilitate the relationship with her employer and become the student's supervisor for the 40-hour internship required for her experiential learning course. 

"The employer gets more knowledge of the student’s skill set to further qualify the student for future job opportunities within the organization"

Jacqueline shared that having the student at FCC was a great opportunity for them and for the student. "The student had a wonderful impact on FCC," she says. Through the 40 hours that the student worked with them, she was able to gain experience in the analysis of agribusiness and agri-food loans. "The student takes away valuable practical job experience and the employer gets more knowledge of the student’s skill set to further qualify the student for future job opportunities within the organization," said Jacqueline.

The student shared that her time at FCC was very beneficial for her professional and personal development. She shares, "Before my internship at FCC I had an idea that I wanted to do something financial within the agricultural sector but I was not quite sure what I should be doing to prepare myself for a position in the future and what position I would be best suited for. Throughout my time at FCC I was able to network with incredible influencers and gain a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the culture and atmosphere." 

For the duration of the internship, Jacqueline was in regular contact with the Internship Specialist at U of G's Experiential Learning Hub, who supported her in ensuring the necessary resources were available to make the experience an impactful one for the student and for FCC. Thus was the first time FCC hosted a student at their organization and they were able to use this as an opportunity to pilot an intern role that the student was also able to contribute to. 

Learn more about the Flexible Internship Program. 

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