Insurance Categories


What Is Covered

Theft of monies and securities by employees or others.  All losses must be reported to the Insurance Office and the insurers within 60 days from discovery, in order to be insured. 


$5,000 - $10,000 per incident which will be charged to the department.

Who is Covered

All University departments including employee benefit plans.

Fine Arts

What Is Covered 

All Fine Arts must be reported to the Insurance Office in order to be covered under this insurance program.  

University-owned Fine Arts includes paintings, rare books, coins, manuscripts, works of art, collectibles, frames, crates, cases and packing materials.  Fine Arts are covered against physical loss or property damage for the amount that is declared. They are also insured in-transit to and from the University. Values can be updated at anytime the Fine Arts are re-evaluated.

Fine Arts on loan or consignment to the University are covered against physical loss or property damage while they are on University property for the amount that is declared in the loan agreement.  They may also be covered in-transit to and/or from the University, depending on the loan arrangements in the contract.


This insurance program includes three types of liability insurance:


1. General liability - Costs to the University of Guelph which it is legally obligated to pay as damages, which may arise as a result of bodily or personal injury or property damage to 3rd parties. Note: Insurance does not cover fines and/or penalties.



What is Covered

  • Full replacement value of all property owned by the University or for which the University has a responsibility that is located in Canada and the U.S.. Such property includes buildings, fixtures, furniture and equipment, including computer hardware and software.
  • $1 million coverage for University equipment taken outside of Canada and the U.S.
  • Insures against all risks of physical loss or damage, including damage resulting from fire, vandalism, theft and natural events such as floods, earthquakes and storms.
  • Also covers extra expenses which might be incurred to conduct or continue business following a loss, as well as costs associated with business interruption and loss of rent at designated locations.


Who Is Covered

  • Faculty / Staff 
  • Project Employees


Who Isn't Covered

  • Volunteers (not provided with any health or life insurance programs through the University of Guelph - will be provided with General Liability Insurance if registered through the International Travel Registration Program)
  • Undergraduate Students (contact the Students' Union Undergraduate Health and Dental Plan Office)
  • Graduate Students (contact the Graduate Students' Association)
  • Contractors (not provided with any insurance through the University of Guelph)


Auto-rentals While Travelling