Dr. Lawrence Spriet

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ext. 53745 (Office), ext. 53907 (Lab)
ANNU 244
ANNU 203

B.Sc. - University of Waterloo
M.Sc. - York University
Ph.D. - McMaster University

Dr. Spriet's basic research examines how skeletal muscle generates the large amounts of energy needed to exercise and compete in work and sport situations. The pathways that metabolize carbohydrate and lipid as fuel to produce energy are studied in human skeletal muscle. His practical research examines whether compounds that are purported to be "ergogenic" or work enhancing agents actually augment muscle metabolism and/or improve human performance (e.g. blood doping, creatine, carnitine, pyruvate, taurine, caffeine and omega-3 fatty acids). He also conducts hydration/sweat testing and research aimed at counteracting the effects of dehydration in athletes engaging in stop-and-go sports like ice hockey, basketball, and soccer.

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  • HK*3600 Applied Human Biology I 
  • KIN*4400 Independent Research in Kinesiology - Guelph-Humber
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Boyd, L. MSc Student  
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