Dr. Ross Nazar

Dr. Ross Nazar
Professor Emeritus
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Phone number: 
SSC 3250


  • B.Sc. Toronto
  • Ph.D. Toronto


Role of RNA processing as a quality control mechanism; studies on the structure, synthesis and regulation of eukaryotic ribosomes in normal and oncogenic tissues; structure and function of the "ribosome assembly chaperone"; regulation of ribosomal protein genes in eukaryotes; PCR-based diagnostics for plant pathogens; regulation of plant defense gene expression.

Selected Publications

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  • R.N. Nazar, X. Xu, T.W. Kim, S.W. Lee and J. Robb. 2020. The Ve-resistance locus, a plant signalling intercept. Planta. 252: 7-11. doi: 10-1007/s00425-020-03412-3.
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