Student Supports and Services

Mental Health Supports for Students

A wide variety of mental health and counselling resources are available to students via the Student Wellness Centre. The Student Wellness Centre also offers resources for staff so that they may better assist students.

Download the Guide to Student Mental Wellness - Mental Health Supports for Students.

Undergraduate Programs Faculty Advisors

For each of the majors offered within the department there are faculty advisors to help answer major specific questions such as:

  • Specific course information for majors and minors
  • Information about specializations within majors
  • Transcript evaluations for graduation
  • Course substitutions
  • Career opportunities

Faculty Advisors for the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology:

Biochemistry (Major & Minor & Co-op)

Biotechnology (Minor)

Microbiology (Major & Minor & Co-op)

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Indigenous Mentorship Program

The Indigenous mentorship program for undergraduate students in STEM has been developed to give Indigenous students the opportunity for one-on-one mentorship with faculty in the biological sciences. This program is open to all undergraduate Indigenous students enrolled in a STEM program (DVM excluded). A list of participating faculty, information on their research interests, and contact information can be found at Students may contact participating faculty directly with the subject line "Indigenous Mentorship Program request". For queries, or for assistance in initiating contact with participating faculty, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Melissa Perreault at

Undergraduate Mentorship Program (CoBUMP)

About the College of Biological Science Undergraduate Mentorship Program (CoBUMP)

The College of Biological Science Undergraduate Mentorship Program (CoBUMP) is a graduate student-led initiative in which upper-year undergraduate students interested in pursuing biological research are paired with graduate student mentors. This program began as iBUMP in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph in the spring of 2017. After 3 years of success and over 150 undergraduate students paired with graduate mentors, we have expanded to the rest of CBS, offering this mentorship program to students in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Human Health & Nutritional Science as well.  

The benefits of this program are twofold: the undergraduate students benefit from one-on-one mentorship from a current graduate student regarding the scientific research process, scholarship applications, graduate school applications, and graduate student life; the graduate students benefit from gaining valuable mentoring skills that may be difficult to gain otherwise, and can boost their chances of receiving scholarships themselves. It also provides everyone involved with opportunities to interact with other members of the CBS community, strengthening ties between the departments and fostering a sense of connectedness. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding this program, please do not to hesitate to contact the CoBUMP Committee at