Health and Safety Contacts

In the event of an emergency

Dial 2000 (on-campus) or 519-840-5000 (cellphone)

Environmental Health & Safety

  • MAIN OFFICE - Alexander Hall, Rm. 162 x 52047 or x53282
  • DIRECTOR - Georga Apolonatos x 53247
  • BIO SAFETY - tba (email x53190 
  • LAB SAFETY - Alicja Zachertowska x54270 
  • RADIATION SAFETY - Ryan Das x53774
  • RESEARCH RISK - Jennifer Wesley x56401
  • OCC. HEALTH AND WELLNESS - Michael Dunstan x52133
  • FACILITIES & OCC. HYGIENE - Chris MacNeill x 58860

First Aid Stations

There are 3 locations on campus: Alexander Hall x52647, Trent Building x52245, Powell Building x52131   

First Response Team

First Aiders (on site-SSC):

  • Debbie Chan, Rm 1242
  • Ashley Cheng, Rm 3249
  • Lucy Mutharia, Rm 3253
  • Leanne Krick and Karen Ingram, Rm 1110
  • Marissa Dahari, Rm 3503
  • Catrien Bouwman, Rm 4114
  • Greg MacNeill, Rm 4455
  • Marc Coppolino, Rm 4477
  • Tannis Slimmon, Phytotron

MCB Health and Safety Committee

  • Dr. Steffen Graether (chair/faculty) ext. 56457
  • Jamie Jones (co-chair/staff) ext. 53816
  • Vanessa Breton (admin/staff)
  • Bertilla Moroni (staff)
  • Tariq Akhtar (faculty)
  • Jaspreet Kaur (staff)
  • Stephen Seah (faculty)
  • Chris Meyer (staff)
  • Ian Tetlow (faculty)
  • Ashley Cheng (grad student)
  • Karen Ingram (CBS staff)
  • (EHS liaison) - tba

This committee helps support the safety program in the department by identifying hazards, raising safety issues, and conducting workplace inspections.

In addition to our Departmental Committee (also called Local Joint H&S Committee LJHSC), the university has a Central Joint Health and Safety Committee.   These committees exist to represent your interests, and the interests of your colleagues. If you have an issue you would like the committee to investigate, feel free to contact the committee chair.