Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

Research Equipment

REPAIRS are reported to Jamie Jones; 4482/1110; x53816;

  • Autoclaves: 3222B, 3402A, 4223B, 4402B
  • Liquid Scintillation Counter: 4256
  • Gel Doc: 3202B, 4256 (sign out paper from Stores Staff)
  • Sonicator: 4256: (sign out parts from Stores Staff)
  • French Press: 3202B (sign out parts from Stores Staff)
  • Speed Vac: 3202B
  • Ice Machines: 2202A/B, 3222B, 4103E, 4223B, 4402B, 4433
  • Mini Bead Beater: 4203
  • Ultra Centrifuges: 2202A/B, 3202B, 4203 (sign out rotors from Stores Staff)
  • Steamers: 3222B, 4223B
  • Teaching Centrifuges: 4103E  

Teaching Equipment

  • Autoclaves: pre-arranged access in wash-up is possible but it is limited
  • Glass Washers: pre-arranged drop-off may be scheduled as time permits
  • Glassware: pre-arranged pick-ups must be scheduled

See "Wash-Up Facility Services" for details.