Safety Training in MCB

Mandatory Safety Training

All research personnel (including students, staff, faculty, visitors and volunteers) will be automatically enrolled in these three training modules:

  • WHMIS, CBS Biosafety, CBS Lab Safety (consists of 3 online modules, completed via Courselink)

All new lab personnel will be enrolled in the departmental Centrifuge Training Course which includes both an 'online' and a 'hands-on' component:

  • Centrifuge Safety, Care and Operation (consists of 1 online module, completed via Courselink, plus hands-on training provided by Jamie Jones, department equipment technician)

Job-specific training is the responsibility of each lab or work group. This includes on-the-job demonstration of lab equipment, lab methods and experimental techniques.

For a copy of the MCB Safety Trainig Matrix (a quick reference guide for anyone working in the department), please email

Training Records - Part A and B

All students, staff, faculty and volunteers must complete both the Safety Orientation Record (part A) and the Ongoing Safety Training Record (part B)

Additional training offered through EHS

Competent Supervisor/Due Diligence training is a requirement of all faculty and staff with supervisory duties. This includes graduate students and postdocs in a personnel supervisory role, as it applies to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Depending on the nature of the work, additional training may be required, e.g. Radiation Safety, First Aid/CPR. Register for these courses via EHS.