Safety Training in MCB

Required Documents (details below):

Personnel must submit completed copies of the following documents to the departmental Administrative Services Assistant (combine records and email 1 PDF to

Supervisor records (please keep hard copies of ALL records in lab Safety Binder):

Mandatory Safety Training Details

All College of Biological Science personnel must complete online safety modules in advance of someone working, volunteering, or participating in CBS (lab, field, etc.) in any way. Complete training paperwork must be received before personnel are given office keys and provided access. These courses are available online through the EHS training site and everyone has the ability to self-register as soon as they have a central login and password. The four mandatory modules are:

•             Laboratory Safety

•             EHS BioSafety

•             WHMIS

•             EHS Worker Health and Safety Awareness

Once you register for the courses they can be completed through CourseLink.

The faculty member (or designate) must receive hard copies of all of the completion certificates before marking the courses off as completed on the Safety Orientation Record and signing the document. Once the record is complete, a copy of all training certificates and the Safety Orientation Record should be emailed to the Department Administrative Services Assistant (Laura Faris: as a single PDF. Hard copies must be kept in the lab binder.

Job-specific training is the responsibility of each lab or workgroup. This includes on-the-job demonstration of lab equipment, lab methods, and experimental techniques.

Click here for a copy of the MCB Safety Training Matrix (a quick reference guide for anyone working in the department).

Training Records Part A & B

All students, staff, faculty, and volunteers must complete both the Safety Orientation Record (part A) and the Ongoing Safety Training Record (part B)

Volunteers must also complete the Volunteer Waiver.

Personnel directly or indirectly involved with handling, storage, and containment of biohazardous materials must be added to the biosafety permit. Review How to add/delete personnel from existing biosafety permit if you have any question or concerns, reach out to

Additional training offered through EHS

Competent Supervisor/Due Diligence training is a requirement for all faculty and staff with supervisory duties. This includes graduate students and postdocs in a personnel supervisory role, as it applies to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Depending on the nature of the work, additional training may be required, e.g. Radiation Safety, First Aid/CPR. Register for these courses via EHS.