MCB Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Student Council consists of a group of students who are motivated to work together to promote an engaging and collaborative environment within the department of MCB and most importantly enhance the graduate experience for our students. The MCB GSC works with the department to host a variety of both academic and social events throughout the year including: 

  • several intramural teams 
  • departmental faculty vs students sports games
  • an annual holiday party
  • community fundraisers and many more. 

If you are interested in joining the MCB GSC or have an idea for an event please contact us at

2022/2023 Executive Committee:

  • Michael Jones - Social Event Coordinator 
  • Briana Locke - Social Media Coordinator
  • Melanie Goens - Biotechnology Representative
  • Avery Robinson - Secretary 
  • Kristen Berry - Executive Administrator/Treasurer 
  • Lauren Wensing - President

Special thanks to the previous members of the student council (Grace Moore, Liam Doyle, Mark Minnow, Kanu Singh and Carys Jones), who have been instrumental in all of the great events and fundraising accomplishments!

Facebook: MCB Graduate Student Council (

Twitter: @GscMcb

Instagram: mcb_gsc