Marissa Dahari

Marissa Dahari
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator and Laboratory Demonstrator
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Phone number: 
SSC 3503

Marissa is the coordinator for BIOL*1090 and lab demonstrator for MBG*3050 and MBG*4040. Her flexibility in these roles has served the department well, but she also enjoys the challenge of testing out new professional endeavours. In fact, her personal goal is to never stop learning!

After completing her honours B.Sc., Marissa went on to obtain her M.Sc. while researching "mutations in cardiac actin leading to cardiomyothaties", in Prof. John Dawson's lab at the University of Guelph.  She has one publication: "Dahari, M. and Dawson, J. Do cardiac actin mutations lead to altered actomyosin interactions? Biochem. Cell Bio. 93 (4), 330-334 (2015)".

Marissa very much enjoys her active teaching roles each semester and has a passion for learning and passing on that knowledge. She gets the majority of her professional satisfaction via positive interactions with undergraduate and graduate students and loves engaging students in a particular topic and witnessing the moment when everything "clicks".

Marissa currently serves on the departmental Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. She also stays active as a Fitness instructor and spending time with her Australian Shepherd, Remi.