Accelerator Management Committee

The current Accelerator Management Committee membership list can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website.

Animal Care Committee (ACC)

In compliance with Ontario regulation and the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), the University of Guelph’s Animal Care Committee (ACC) represents a membership of as broad, balanced and informed perspective as possible when making decisions about animal use. The diversity of the ACC is reflected in representation from a variety of Colleges, the regional campuses and the research stations using animals in research and teaching. ACC members are scientists using animals, faculty of non-animal users, veterinarians, graduate students, technical staff, management of animal facilities, officers of environmental health & safety, administrative ACC coordinators, and community representatives with the role of the external perspective from members of the public.

If you require the Animal Care Committee membership list, please contact

Awards Committee (2018-2021)

  • Office of Research Services - Karina McInnis, AVP Research Services  (Chair) 
  • College of Arts - Catharine Wilson, History
  • College of Biological Science - George Van Der Merwe, Molecular and Cellular Biology 
  • College of Business and Economics - Yiguo Sun, Economics
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - David Kribs,  Mathematics and Statistics
  • College of Social and Applied Human Sciences - David MacDonald, Political Science 
  • Ontario Agricultural College - Maria Corradini , Food Science
  • Ontario Veterinary College - Jan Sargeant
  • Office of Diversity and Human Rights – Indira Naidoo-Harris
  • Office of Research Services - Strategic Programs Manager

Biosafety Committee

The current Biosafety Committee membership list can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety  (EHS) website.

Canada Research Chairs Advisory Committee

  • Karina McInnis, Office of Research Services (Chair)
  • Ailsa Kay, Office of Research Services (Policy Advisor and Secretary)
  • Manjusri Misra, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Christina (Chris) Caruso,  College of Biological Science
  • Gisele LaPointe, Ontario Agricultural College
  • Sharada Srinivasan, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • Dorothee Bienzle, Ontario Veterinary College
  • Towhidul Islam, College of Business and Economics
  • Ajay Heble, College of Arts
  • Indira Naidoo-Harris, Office of Diversity and Human Rights

Drug Control Committee

The current Drug Control Committee membership list can be obtained via the OVC Pharmacy Manager at extension 54439. 

Northern Studies Committee

  • Nicolas Brunet, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (President)
  • Sarah Adamowicz, College of Biological Science
  • Thomas (Tad) McIlwraith, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
  • Shoshanah Jacobs, College of Biological Science

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Institutional Grant (SIG) Review Committee

  • Katie Meyer-Beck, Office of Research Services (Chair)
  • Tim Mau, Political Science
  • Kimberly Francis, School of Fine Arts and Music
  • John Hacker-Wright, Philosophy
  • Roberta Hawkins, Geography
  • Christina Smylitopoulos, Art History
  • Sunghwan Yi, Marketing and Consumer Studies

University Research Ethics Board - General

  • Anderson, Kimberley – Indigenous Ethics Advisor
  • Barclay, Patrick – CSAHS/Psych – Alternate
  • Bailey, Andrew – Ethics – Alternate
  • Boule, Jessica – GRAD REP – Alternate
  • Farr, Diane - Community
  • Haines, Jess - CSAHS/FRAN
  • Houle, Karen - Ethics
  • Jagoda, Kalinga, CBE
  • Kukkonen, Tuuli - CSAHS/FRAN - Alternate
  • Kurucz, Elizabeth – CBE
  • Lewis, Stephen - CHAIR
  • Mcilwraith, Thomas - CSAHS/SOAN – Associate Chair
  • Poole, Mathew -  Community Member/Legal – Alternate
  • Powell, Deborah, CSAHS/Psych
  • Quinn-Nilas, Chris - GRAD REP
  • Ragan, Randy - Legal - Alternate
  • Rogers, Michael - OAC - Alternate
  • Simpson, Christine - Community
  • Trommelen-Jones, Jennifer - Legal
  • Tucker, Anita – Indigenous Ethics Advisor
  • Vacant – COA
  • Vacant – OAC
  • Yule, Carolyn - CSAHS/SOAN – Alternate

University Research Ethics Board - Natural, Physical, and Engineering Sciences

  • Bailey, Andrew – Ethics - Alternate
  • Bent, Leah – CBS – Alternate
  • Clayborne, Robert - Community Member - Alternate
  • Dyck, David - CBS
  • Gregori, Stefano - Engineering
  • Incognito, Anthony - Grad Student - Alternate
  • Kopinak, Janice - Community Member 
  • Liddle, Danyelle - Grad Student
  • Millar, Phillip – CBS
  • Misra, Manjusri - CEPS
  • Papadopoulos, Andy - OVC - alternate
  • Petrov, Nicole – Physician – Alternate
  • Poole, Mathew – Community/Legal – alternate
  • Pyle, Glen - OVC
  • Ragan, Randy - Legal - Alternate
  • Srbely, John - CBS – Associate Chair
  • Hamilton-Wright, Andrew - CEPS - Alternate
  • Sutherland, Stephanie - Legal
  • Vallis, Lori - Chair
  • Webb, Ron – Community Member
  • Weersink, Erin - Physician
  • Wendling, Karen – Ethics
  • Wright, David - CBS – Alternate
  • Zettel, John – CBS Alternate

Radiation Safety Committee

The current Radiation Safety Committee membership list can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website.

Research Board

The current Research Board membership list can be found on the Senate website.