Office of Research Services (ORS) Mission Statement


The Office of Research Services (ORS) is a proactive, innovative, professional, and service-oriented unit that supports and adds value to the research enterprise.


To promote and support research.


Quality and Excellence – We are committed to:

  1. Providing excellent client services
  2. Understanding the needs of our clients and stakeholders
  3. Treating clients and stakeholders fairly and equitably in the application of policies and procedures
  4. Protecting and enhancing the University’s reputation
  5. Managing research and financial risks
  6. Ensuring the accuracy of information
  7. Developing staff as highly qualified personnel
  8. Promoting high ethical standards and integrity in research

Creativity – We are committed to:

  1. Finding solutions to problems
  2. Improving business practices
  3. Enhancing customer service
  4. Developing ideas, services, processes, procedures

Collaboration – We are committed to:

  1. Building and maintaining external partnerships with sponsors and clients such as government, industry, and other academic institutions
  2. Exploring opportunities within the University community to improve efficiency, more effectively utilize resources, build capacity and achieve better outcomes


Strategic Themes

The focus of the next five years will be on the following four strategic themes:

  1. Providing excellent client services
  2. Increasing organizational effectiveness
  3. Communicating with internal and external clients, collaborators and stakeholders
  4. Developing our people and leadership