Areas of Research Strength

Agriculture, Food and the Bio-economy

Agriculture, Food, and the Bio-economy generates knowledge focused on agriculture, food, and bio-products that transforms understanding, practice, and policy to promote safe, sustainable, secure food systems and a vigorous bio-economy.

Animal and Human Health and Wellbeing

Animal and Human Health and Wellbeing creates a deeper understanding of the parameters that shape the health and wellbeing of diverse organisms, with a lens that extends from the molecular level to that of populations and whole ecosystems. 

Cultural Inquiry and Creative Practice

Cultural Inquiry and Creative Practice leverages deep inquiry and diverse material practices through scholarly and artistic processes to discover, analyse, and contextualise an extensive range of topics from literature, history, philosophy, and culture.

Fundamental Science and its Application

Fundamental Science and its Application builds understanding of the continuum between curiosity-driven, discovery-based exploration of the properties of the universe and living systems on one hand, and the application of that knowledge and wisdom to real-world problems on the other. 

Social and Economic Welfare

Social and Economic Welfare examines organizational structures, institutions, and operational practices within communities, economies, and societies to understand how they function, and to provide insights into how they contribute to social justice and/or economic wellbeing. 

The Environment

The Environment explores our planet’s environment and climate, as well as their interplay with living and/or technological systems, as a fundamental underpinning for environmental stewardship and sustainability.