Cultural Inquiry and Creative Practice

Cultural Inquiry and Creative Practice leverages deep inquiry and diverse material practices through scholarly and artistic processes to discover, analyse, and contextualise an extensive range of topics from literature, history, philosophy, and culture.

Cover of good food is good medicine showing a couple drinking milk

Good food is good medicine (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

The University of Guelph – Canada’s food university – is committed to improving Canadians’ health and quality of life through innovative agri-food research and development.

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Harnessing nature's medicine (Research Magazine)

This second edition of the OMAFRA-UofG Partnership, Agri-Food yearbook focuses on sustainability from an economic, social and environmental view point. 

Human Health and Disease

Human Health and Disease (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

The University’s one health focus promotes an understanding of the relationship between human, environmental and animal health. Guelph researchers strive to understand and provide cures for the whole health spectrum, from zoonotic diseases to mental health issues.

Cover of the Research Immigration four pager

Immigration and diversity: Shaping Canada’s future (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Immigration and growing diversity bring significant economic and social rewards to Canada, and offer opportunities both domestically and internationally. These trends also raise questions and create tensions as we strive to adapt to our changing world.
From family studies to economics and agriculture, University of Guelph researchers bring multidisciplinary perspectives to help us understand the contexts and challenges of immigration.
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Keen on green (Research Magazine)

This first Agri-food yearbook highlights the partnership for research, laboratory and veterinary programs between the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the University of Guelph.

Cover of Research Magazine - OMAFRA - U of G partnership yearbook 2015

Meeting the Challenge (Research Magazine)

This sixth edition of the Agri-Food Yearbook, highlighting the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership, focuses on how agri-food researchers are helping the agri-food sector meet the premier's challenge of having the sector provide more jobs and exports.

The cover of the four-pager. The main photo is of participants and viewers at a pow wow on a grassy area. Text is below the photo

Our Indigenous world (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Canada is entering a new phase in its relationship with its 1.5 million Indigenous people. After centuries of adversity, the country is reconciling with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in ways it has not done before. This reconciliation requires a much deeper understanding of the languages, beliefs and cultures that distinguish Indigenous people — an understanding that effective research can help nurture.

Success depends on building relationships, consulting with communities and accepting traditional knowledge. University of Guelph researchers recognize the importance of Indigenous knowledge of land, animals and people, particularly regarding environmental sustainability, wildlife protection and mental health and well-being.

Guelph researchers collaborate with Indigenous communities and their leaders to ensure studies are pertinent, respectful and illuminating. Merging or overlaying traditional practices and wisdom with modern scientific methods breaks new ground. It brings unprecedented value — and excitement — to research findings.

This publication touches on various collaborative projects and partnerships between the University of Guelph and Indigenous communities across Canada and around the world.

Cover of Research Magazine showing the Mars Rover

Reaching New Frontiers (Research Magazine)

The winter 2015 issue highlights 50 research accomplishments over 50 years at the University of Guelph.

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Reduce, reuse....rock on! (Research Magazine)

The winter 2010 edition of the Research magazine highlights transdisciplinary research at the University of Guelph. 

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Return on Research 2011-12 (Return on Research)

  • Welcome: From Kevin Hall, Vice-President (Research)
  • Strategy: Advancing our research strengths
  • Success: Research revenue shows significant gains and record highs
  • Commitment: Guelph gives unparalleled on-campus space to research
  • Serving Stakeholders: The business end of Guelph research
  • Performance: Guelph is the most inventive and efficient research university in Canada
  • Head of the Class: It’s all about changing lives and improving life
  • Leadership: Guelph researchers top their academic fields