The Environment

The Environment explores our planet’s environment and climate, as well as their interplay with living and/or technological systems, as a fundamental underpinning for environmental stewardship and sustainability. 

Cover of the hexanal four pager - photo of grad student picking nectarines

The Hexanal Project (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Many farmers in developing countries around the globe can lose up to half of their produce after harvest. Much of it tends to spoil before it gets to the market, resulting in food waste and economic loss. Now, a solution has been developed: hexanal, a natural compound found in all plants, that helps prevent spoilage. This publication explores how using hexanal also has many other social and environmental benefits.

This Research Yield Gold thumbnail

This Research Yields Gold (Research Magazine)

This fourth edition of the Agri-Food Yearbook, highlighting the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership, focuses on the return on investment through innovation and collaboration. 

Cover of "Under One Sky" - Focus: Communities, Volume XXXIV · Number 2

Under One Sky (Research Magazine)

Strong, functional communities are a vital part of the very fabric of our world. This edition of Research Magazine explores how University of Guelph research is engaging with different types of communities to understand them and help them thrive.

Water newsletter thumbnail

Water (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

This four-page collection of water research highlights at the University of Guelph focuses on activity in Canada and abroad.

Water's bright future thumbnail

Water's bright future (Research Magazine)

Water is the source of life, and a wellspring of research and discovery. University of Guelph researchers are studying water's role in biological processes, security and source protection, conservation and health. This Research magazine examines how water flows through these four disciplines and how it can unite all in its care and management.

What the World Needs Now thumbnail

What the World Needs Now (Research Magazine)

The Summer 2013 Research magazine highlights the breadth of global activities involving University of Guelph researchers and their collaborators.