Fundamental Science and its Application

Fundamental Science and its Application builds understanding of the continuum between curiosity-driven, discovery-based exploration of the properties of the universe and living systems on one hand, and the application of that knowledge and wisdom to real-world problems on the other. 

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Reduce, reuse....rock on! (Research Magazine)

The winter 2010 edition of the Research magazine highlights transdisciplinary research at the University of Guelph. 

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Return on Research 2011-12 (Return on Research)

  • Welcome: From Kevin Hall, Vice-President (Research)
  • Strategy: Advancing our research strengths
  • Success: Research revenue shows significant gains and record highs
  • Commitment: Guelph gives unparalleled on-campus space to research
  • Serving Stakeholders: The business end of Guelph research
  • Performance: Guelph is the most inventive and efficient research university in Canada
  • Head of the Class: It’s all about changing lives and improving life
  • Leadership: Guelph researchers top their academic fields
Cover of Return on Research annual report 2012-2013

Return on Research 2012-2013 (Return on Research)

  • WELCOME: From Kevin Hall, Vice-President (Research and External Partnerships)
  • STRATEGY: Advancing our research strengths through Guelph’s strategic plan
  • LEADING THE WAY: Research revenue tops $154 million, 2,000 projects, 700 researchers
  • PARTNERS: Five-year agreement with Ontario agriculture ministry is unique in Canada
  • MOVING FORWARD: Research revenues rise from tri-councils, federal departments
  • COMMITTED TO SOCIETY: Ontario government ministries’ support up 30 per cent
  • GLOBALLY CONNECTED: Guelph faculty, staff and students are active in 70 countries
  • LEADERSHIP: Researchers are at the forefront of their academic fields
Cover of Return on Research Annual Report 2013-2014

Return on Research 2013-2014 (Return on Research)

  • WELCOME: From John Livernois, Vice-President (Interim), Research
  • MAJOR PERFORMANCE: With $142 million in funding, Guelph is a leading research institution
  • VITAL PARTNERSHIP: With the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • GLOBAL OUTREACH: The University’s international research activity hits a new high
  • PROVINCIAL CONNECTIONS: Ontario government investment has risen significantly
  • OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Research results are directly and readily made available to society
  • COMMITTED TO SOCIETY: Finding broad, creative resources to fund complex studies
  • FIRST-TIME SUCCESS: New researchers far surpass national average for support
Cover of Return on Research 2014-15

Return on Research 2014-15 (Return on Research)

  • WELCOME: From Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President, Research
  • A STELLAR YEAR FOR RESEARCH: Overall research revenue rises to $146 million
  • OUR MAJOR PARTNER: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • TAKING GLOBAL LEADERSHIP: New initiatives strengthen international presence
  • BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY: Funding, royalties hit highest level ever
  • WHERE GOOD THINGS GROW: Guelph gains from provincial investment
  • EXCEEDING NATIONAL STANDARDS: Guelph is ahead of the pack on program success
  • FEEDING NINE BILLION PEOPLE: A Guelph resource addresses this huge challenge
  • FOR THE HEALTH OF ALL: New veterinary research facilities announced
  • OUR RESERACH LEADERS: Meet Guelph’s privately and publicly endowed research chairs
Cover of Return on Research 2015-16

Return on Research 2015-16 (Return on Research)

  • WELCOME: From Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President, Research
  • U OF G: A RESEARCH INTENSTIVE UNIVERSITY:  Research revenue $144,824,657
  • FUNDING BOOST FROM NATIONAL AGENCIES: Research funds awarded from the Tri-Agencies and the Networks of Centres of Excellence up 4.6 %
  • RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT: Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science Ontario Research Fund (Research Infrastructure) programs awarded almost $7 million
  • MAJOR INCREASE IN INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH: $48 million in international research funding
  • INVESTING IN AGRI-FOOD RESEARCH: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • MOBILIZING KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION: Catalyzing research into innovations that improve life
  • LEADERSHIP: Meet our research leaders
Cover of Return on Research 2016-17

Return on Research 2016-17 (Return on Research)

  • WELCOME: From Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President, Research
  • U OF G: A BANNER YEAR FOR RESEARCH:  Research revenue $141,956,403
  • FOOD FROM THOUGHT: Food From Thought is the  largest single federal research  investment in U of G history,  with $76.7 million invested  over seven years from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.
  • FEDERAL GRANTING COUNCILS: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research council; Social Sciences and Humanities Research council; Canadian Institutes of Health Research 
  • FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Three cutting-edge University of Guelph research projects in genomics – one of today’s most  rapidly developing and powerful areas of science and technology – received $10.7 million in  support to improve animal health and welfare, crop yields and food production. The investment came from Genome Canada’s Genomic Applications Partnership Program, which supports  university-industry R&D collaborations with social and economic benefits. 
  • OMAFRA U of G AGREEMENT: The University of Guelph has a unique and long-standing agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to conduct innovative research that is fundamental to sustaining and enhancing the agri-food sector – provincially, nationally and globally.
  • ONTARIO GOVERNMENT: A breadth of research is supported with almost $5.4 million at the University of Guelph by various provincial ministries.
  • INTERNATIONAL: The University of Guelph has a long-standing commitment to international development in  dozens of disciplines. International research grew significantly in 2016-17.
  • INNOVATION: The Research Innovation Office helps transform world-class University of Guelph research into innovations that improve life. 
  • NEW AWARDS: In 2016-17, the University of Guelph instituted two new internal award  programs to support and enhance research.
  • LEADERSHIP: Meet our leadership.
Cover of Return on Research 2017-18

Return on Research 2017-18 (Return on Research)

University of Guelph research comfortably spans the continuum between game-changing fundamental discoveries and impactful innovations that solve real-world challenges. University of Guelph research innovations are making meaningful advances that power job creation, economic growth and trade. We’re proud of our research and innovation accomplishments and applaud faculty, staff, students, and, of course, our many partners, all united in our mission to improve life.

This annual publication is the statement of record for the University of Guelph research enterprise. It offers a broad accounting of the University's research performance, including a synopsis of research awards and support.

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Seeds of Success (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Many of Ontario agriculture’s most enduring and important plant and crop varieties stem from the partnership between the University of Guelph, government, industry and farmers.

Cover of the hexanal four pager - photo of grad student picking nectarines

The Hexanal Project (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Many farmers in developing countries around the globe can lose up to half of their produce after harvest. Much of it tends to spoil before it gets to the market, resulting in food waste and economic loss. Now, a solution has been developed: hexanal, a natural compound found in all plants, that helps prevent spoilage. This publication explores how using hexanal also has many other social and environmental benefits.