Social and Economic Welfare

Social and Economic Welfare examines organizational structures, institutions, and operational practices within communities, economies, and societies to understand how they function, and to provide insights into how they contribute to social justice and/or economic wellbeing. 

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A better bottom line (Research Magazine)

The third edition of the OMAFRA-UofG Partnership, Agri-Food yearbook.  Click on the magazine cover for a full screen view. 

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Communities (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Research at the University of Guelph influences a diversity of communities, in Guelph and throughout the world. As our population ages and changes, our researchers are responding by examining questions related to aging, disease, disabilities and nutrition. Food policy, elder care food standards, cultural practices, and the availability of diverse food products are among the issues being explored that affect communities.

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Harnessing nature's medicine (Research Magazine)

This second edition of the OMAFRA-UofG Partnership, Agri-Food yearbook focuses on sustainability from an economic, social and environmental view point. 

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Human resources for small agri-businesses (video)

Human resources for small agri-businesses

Researcher:  Sara Mann

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Immigration and diversity: Shaping Canada’s future (Strategically Themed Newsletter)

Immigration and growing diversity bring significant economic and social rewards to Canada, and offer opportunities both domestically and internationally. These trends also raise questions and create tensions as we strive to adapt to our changing world.
From family studies to economics and agriculture, University of Guelph researchers bring multidisciplinary perspectives to help us understand the contexts and challenges of immigration.
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Keen on green (Research Magazine)

This first Agri-food yearbook highlights the partnership for research, laboratory and veterinary programs between the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the University of Guelph.

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Leading the Way (Research Magazine)

The Summer 2014 Research magazine highlights the creative research partnerships that help foster innovation. 

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Local food hubs (video)

Local food hubs:  Building regional food hubs helps the local economy

Researcher:  Karen Landman

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Manure application (video)

Managing manure for fewer emissions: application

Researchers:  Claudia Wagner-Riddle, Christine Brown (OMAFRA field crop specialist)

Cover of Research Magazine - OMAFRA - U of G partnership yearbook 2015

Meeting the Challenge (Research Magazine)

This sixth edition of the Agri-Food Yearbook, highlighting the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership, focuses on how agri-food researchers are helping the agri-food sector meet the premier's challenge of having the sector provide more jobs and exports.