Research Leaders

Some of the University of Guelph's most accomplished faculty are featured in this profile series called Research Leaders. Their leading-edge work contributes to the growth of knowledge across various academic fields.

A novel approach:  Moral philosophy is combined with practical development to reshape how we tackle poverty thumbnail

Highlighting the research of Monique Deveuax, Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Global Social Change.

first page of Nina Jones' CRC 2-pager

Highlighting the research of Nina Jones, Canada Research Chair in Eukaryotic Cellular Signalling.

All eyes north:  Is climate change already having a profound effect on vegetation? thumbnail

Highlighting the research of Canada Research Chair Merrit Turetsky, Canada Research Chair in Integrative Ecology.

Better nutrition for healthy pets: Obesity prevention and treatment for companion animals are achieved through research and education

Highlighting the research of Adronie Verbrugghe, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Endowed Chair in Canine and Feline Clinical Nutrition.

Changing the way we see differences: Stories are a powerful tool for challenging stereotypes

Highlighting the research of Carla Rice, Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender and Relationships.

Changing tradition for the better: Daughter deficit and its effect on marriage in India

Highlighting the research of Sharada Srinivasan, Canada Research Chair in Gender, Justice and Development.

Catharine Wilson holds a rural journal

Highlighting the research of Catharine Wilson who holds the Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Professorship of Rural History.

It pays to do the math:  This researcher uses mathematical models to develop and improve animal nutrition strategies worldwide

Highlighting the research of James France, Canada Research Chair in Biomathematics in Animal Nutrition.

Keeping water safe and clean:  Risk analysis and waste-water filtration help communities prepare for the future

Highlighting the research of Ed McBean, Canada Research Chair in Water Supply Security.

Leaves of change:  Plant-based antibodies serve as an inexpensive and effective tool to improve health thumbnail

Highlighting the research of Chris Hall, who previously held the Canada Research Chair in Recombinant Antibody Technology.