Strategically Themed Newsletters

University of Guelph faculty members belong to dozens of communities of research interest. The specialized publications you see here reflect the many activities underway to improve the lives of people everywhere.

Cover of the hexanal four pager - photo of grad student picking nectarines

Many farmers in developing countries around the globe can lose up to half of their produce after harvest. Much of it tends to spoil before it gets to the market, resulting in food waste and economic loss. Now, a solution has been developed: hexanal, a natural compound found in all plants, that helps prevent spoilage. This publication explores how using hexanal also has many other social and environmental benefits.

Cover of Research Magazine - The Business of Food

In Canada, food is big business. It’s our secondlargest industry, with one in five jobs being food-related. And the University of Guelph is Canada’s food university. So it follows that food-related research at the University’s College of Business and Economics is leading the nation in food-related research. 

Cover of the Research Immigration four pager
Immigration and growing diversity bring significant economic and social rewards to Canada, and offer opportunities both domestically and internationally. These trends also raise questions and create tensions as we strive to adapt to our changing world.
From family studies to economics and agriculture, University of Guelph researchers bring multidisciplinary perspectives to help us understand the contexts and challenges of immigration.
Precision Agriculture - strategically themed newsletter

Precision agriculture is shaping the future of Canadian agriculture. And researchers at the University of Guelph — Canada’s food university — are at the forefront of the field.

Cover of good food is good medicine showing a couple drinking milk

The University of Guelph – Canada’s food university – is committed to improving Canadians’ health and quality of life through innovative agri-food research and development.

thumbnail of first page of From Start to finish newsletter

Equine Guelph and the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare have developed strong partnerships with the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC).

Researchers and educators work together to improve the lives of all horses, and of the equine industry as a whole. 

Seeds of Success thumbnail

Many of Ontario agriculture’s most enduring and important plant and crop varieties stem from the partnership between the University of Guelph, government, industry and farmers.

College of Arts - Research thumbnail

From global ethics to soundscape recording, from enquiry-based learning to the Asterion labyrinth, from Romania to Shanghai, and from Bremen to Guelph, College of Arts investigators enact essential creativity, making the University of Guelph a Canadian leader in humanities research.

Water newsletter thumbnail

This four-page collection of water research highlights at the University of Guelph focuses on activity in Canada and abroad.

College of Arts University Research Chairs thumbnail

Cultural creations, historical revelations, and contemporary constructions of reality and virtual reality compose the purview of the University of Guelph College of Arts’ outstanding University Research Chairs program.