University of Guelph Research Grant Agreement

The University of Guelph Research Grant Agreement may be used with any research sponsor who does not seek the right to restrict or delay the dissemination of the results of the research; does not seek any rights to intellectual property resulting from the research; and does not seek a warranty with respect to a standard of performance. Sponsors must agree to the research grant agreement terms “as is”. If a research sponsor wishes to negotiate terms appearing in the University of Guelph research grant agreement, a Collaborative Research Agreement will be required. Please email for further information.

Note that the Research Grant Agreement and signatures will be transmitted by electronic transmission unless the sponsor requires originals.

Any questions regarding the University of Guelph Research Grant Agreement or identifying the appropriate template for your research funding needs may be directed to:

Carolyn Dowling-Osborn, Senior Manager, Grants & Contracts
Office of Research, Research Support Services