2016 Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program


Ontario Ministry of Transportation


2016 Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program (HIIFP)


The Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program provides funding to Ontario Universities and Colleges to encourage applied research in topics related to transportation infrastructure in Ontario.  This program solicits research proposals from institutions to assist the Ministry in meeting our current and future challenges, and to encourage undergraduate and graduate research in transportation and infrastructure related engineering.
The HIIFP challenges Ontario's academic community to contribute to transportation infrastructure solutions in a number of areas including traffic operations, intelligent transportation systems, engineering materials, investment planning, highway design, environmental, geomatics, bridges, construction and maintenance.


All Ontario Public Universities and Colleges are eligible for funding under the HIIFP.  The Principal Investigator must be a member of the faculty (full or part time) at the sponsoring institution.

Funding Availability

$1,000,000 will be available starting April 2016 with approx. 28 projects being funded 

Indirect Costs

25 % as per section 5.2 of the Guidelines

Project Duration

The Ministry will consider applications that are multiyear where funding is required in each year.  In such cases the Ministry will try to provide funding beyond next fiscal year (ending March 31, 2017) however can not guarantee funding in future years and reserves the right to not provide the funding and terminate the research on written notice to the institution.

Internal Deadline

External Deadline


How To Apply

By using the MTO HIIFP application form .  See section 4.0 of the guidelines.


For More Information

Material for 2016 Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program  including:

  • Guidelines
  • Application Form
  • Research Proposal Summary
  • Budget Summary
  • Progress Report Template
For Questions, please contact

Jessica Grimes
Business Advisor
Highway Standards Branch, Ministry of Transportation

Linda McCorkindale, Contracts Officer
Office of Research, Research Support Services
519-824-4120 x56257