NSERC Subatomic Physics Major Resources support program 2017




Subatomic Physics Major Resources Support (MRS) Program


The objective of the Subatomic Physics MRS Program is to facilitate the effective access by Canadian academic researchers, working in the field of subatomic physics, to major and unique national or international (based in Canada) experimental or thematic research resources by financially assisting these resources to remain in a state of readiness for researchers to use. SAP-MRS grants are not intended to support resources that are standard in a discipline or commonly available in Canadian universities. SAP-MRS grants cover their operating and maintenance costs. Supported resources are those that cannot fully cover such costs by using other research grants or by user fees, or those where user fees cannot be leveraged. 


Please refer to NSERC’s overall eligibility criteria for more information. Faculty must hold a minimum three-year appointment (full-time, contract or adjunct) in an academic position with a firm offer in writing at the time of application.

Maximum Project Value

$1,000,000 per year. For Any application requesting an average (over the requested duration) of $1,000,000 per year or more, the Subatomic Physics Evaluation Group Section may also receive input from an expert ad hoc committee that would perform an on –site evaluation and review of the resource.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Up to three years.

Special Notes

If you do not intend to apply for renewal of your grant this year, please let NSERC know by sending an e-mail, before August 1, to: research-subatomicphysics@nserc-crsng.gc.ca  with your name, department and institution name.

Internal Deadline

Applicant submits the signed OR-5 to: Research.Services@uoguelph.ca  and clicks “Submit” in the Research Portal so it appears on the Office of Research server.  Grants Officer will print the application from the Research Portal. 

External Deadline

Oct. 1 falls on a weekend, so next working day applies.

How To Apply

SAP-MRS program uses the Research Portal. To apply, sign in to the Research Portal to submit an Application, which must be linked to a completed NSERC Canadian Common CV (CCV) for each applicant and each co-applicant.  Applications are reviewed and submitted to NSERC by the Office of Research Services – Grants Officer.

Information for Co-applicants

If you need to meet a deadline set by lead institution, please ensure that you provide the Office of Research with at least 5 days in advance of the lead institutions’ deadline to review the application, or your proposed component of the project. Please be in touch with the Office of Research (contact information below) ahead of the deadline if it looks like it will be difficult for you to submit all the required documentation on time (i.e. budget, proposal, OR-5 Form). 

For More Information

Research Portal  
Program Information
Canadian Common CV Instructions

For Questions, please contact

Kim Bonnet
Program Officer

Annette Clarke, Grants Officer
Office of Research, Research Support Services
519-824-4120 x56927