Changes to SSHRC Insight Grants Fall 2015 Application Process


Important developments regarding the application process for the Fall 2015 SSHRC Insight Grants funding opportunity. This information supersedes previous communication from SSHRC about this process.

SSHRC Insight Grants

After much analysis and reflection at SSHRC, we have reconsidered our planned onboarding schedule and decided not to use the Research Portal for the next SSHRC Insight Grants competition. Instead, we will continue to use our existing online, legacy application system for this competition.

In making this decision, our top priority was to take into account the most efficient use of our people and resources, and the impact on our stakeholders. Please note that this decision affects the IG application process only: our previous communications about IG program changes (e.g., maximum dollar value, etc.) remain in effect.

What this means for the Insight Grants application process

We had hoped to make several improvements to the IG application process while onboarding the funding opportunity to the Research Portal. In light of this change to the application process, some of these changes will be adopted, while others will not.

The following chart summarizes these changes:

Previously announced changes for Insight Grants funding competition

Process for this year’s Insight Grants funding competition

Elimination of the Notice of Intent (NOI) phase for IG  

We will proceed with this change.

IG applications submitted through Research portal

Applicants will use existing online application system.

CCV required for applicants and co-applicants

SSHRC CV required for applicants and co-applicants.


No Canadian CCVs for collaborators

Collaborators will receive an invitation to participate and fill out a profile.

New module for identifying research teams

 We will retain existing module, entitled “Research team, student training, previous  output.”

We are committed to bringing the Insight Grants funding opportunity onto the Research Portal as soon as possible; work to facilitate this continues to be a top priority at SSHRC.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

For further information, please contact Tim Wilson, SSHRC’s Executive Director, Research Grants and Partnerships.