Office of Research Services - External Review

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is in the process of assessing the services we offer and preparing for operational strategic planning. As such, in Fall 2017, we undertook a survey to collect feedback from researchers, stakeholders and staff.  The Survey Results are now posted on our website. 

Following the collection of survey responses, ORS commissioned an External Review of its operations.  The reviewers were on site in December 2017 and their final report was filed in January 2018.  The reviewers’ final report including recommendations and ORS responses are now also posted on our website.  

While some responses to recommendations indicate immediate actions to be undertaken by ORS, the majority of recommendations will be evaluated within the broader context of strategic operational planning, the next cycle of which is scheduled to begin in late Fall 2018 under the direction of a newly appointed AVPR.  Within the scope of strategic planning, the reviewers’ recommendations will be prioritized in relation to other recommendations herein and other operational projects and initiatives. 

Updates and status reports on actions taken to address the recommendations will be published on this website periodically, with the first update anticipated following the development of the ORS strategic operational plan.

We extend thanks to everyone who participated in this process by either responding to the survey or meeting with the External Review Committee to provide feedback.

If you have questions or comments in response to the survey or External Review Report and Response, please contact Jill Rogers, Managing Director, Research Operations at