The Dedication of a Beekeeper

At the Honey Bee Research Centre, we provide care and management to our large number of honey bee colonies which participate in multiple research projects focused on improving our understanding of honey bees. This requires the hard work and dedication of all beekeepers involved including Johann (pictured below) who is dedicated to his work on the hive even as he has a bee beard on! A bee beard is made when the queen of a colony is placed in a cage and tied around the participant's neck like a necklace. Frames of worker bees are then poured onto the participant and encouraged to move up towards the queen, forming a beard of bees! We do this to help show comfortable you can become with honey bees and develop a positive relationship with them. This can help others to better appreciate honey bees and the important role they play in pollination and honey production.
A beekeeper with his head and shoulders covered in bees