Glen Coe Inspiration - Grace Esford

While completing a semester abroad in Bremen, Germany, my roommate and I experienced much of the art history and culture we had studied in our undergraduate degree. One of my favourite memories was travelling to Scotland and taking in the mountain range Glen Coe in the Highlands of Scotland. The immense natural beauty and inspirational landscape provided me with ideas which informed my studio practice as an emerging artist. This was taken after a long and winding travel day at about 5 pm. The legend of the landscape was told to me by a local guide and goes as follows: The three peaks in my image are the Three Sisters names Faith, Hope and Charity. A father couldn't find suitors for his three daughters so he went to a witch and asked her to preserve their beauty which he went in search of three men for them to marry. When the father returned he found that the witch turned each daughter to stone but their beauty still remains to this day.