Gold Nanoparticle-based Treatment for Canine Prostate Cancer (2)

My research is focused on urogenital cancers specifically those of bladder and prostatic origin, which are also the most common. Prostatic tumors in canines are malignant and grow rapidly having the ability to metastasize to other parts of the body. Prognosis of canine patients with prostatic tumors is generally poor. Current treatments of systemic chemotherapy and/or local radiation have limited efficacy and significant side effects. By conducting a pilot study (with the pictured normal dogs), our team tested the feasibility of a procedure involving injection of Gold nanoparticles. The goal of this therapy is to deliver treatment directly to the tumor using the blood supply that feeds it reducing side effects on normal, healthy tissues. Funded by Pet Trust; we hope to help the pets we love - live longer, healthier lives!