Silently sequestering CO2

The agricultural field in the photo is being used to grow potatoes. The photo was taken on the harvest day, September 27, 2018. Our research on this field is not primarily about potatoes, it is about CO2 sequestration. In that soil, a mineral that sequesters CO2 is present. The farmer added such mineral to the soil for other purposes, unaware of its CO2 sequestering potential. Our research is about finding the evidence that CO2 sequestration is happening, and validating such mineral amendment as a feasible and beneficial large-scale CO2 sequestration approach. The title of this picture is "Silently sequestering CO2", because CO2 sequestration, and more broadly climate change mitigation, remains a contentious issue. In halls of government and the media, debates about climate change mitigation are far from silent. Yet out in this field, CO2 is silently being sequestered, and Nature smiles.