U of G Research in Focus photo contest - 2023

U of G research in focus photo contest

Thanks to everyone who entered our 5th annual Research in Focus photo contest!

Judging is complete and the winning photos are posted below. To learn more about the research projects, click on the images for more detailed descriptions.

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First Place

Andean woman preparing the land to plant the potatoes in Laraos, Peru.

Doing research in the highlands of Peru – Silvia Sarapura

The pictures present an indigenous woman of the Laraos community in preparation for the land for planting season. She plants corn and potatoes in the terraces which were built by her ancestors in pre-inca times.

Honourable Mention

Community Choice Winner

Flower fly larvae predating cannabis aphids on a green and brown plant.s

Don't Panic, it's Organic - Alice Dabrowski and Jason Lemay

Flower fly (Syrphidae) larvae predating cannabis aphids (Phorodon cannabis), a difficult-to-manage pest of this *high* value crop. Predacious flower fly larvae offer an alternative biological control option to pesticide use.

Special prize Agri-Food in Focus Winner

A female beekeeper sitting with a bees around her hate, neck, chest and shoulders.

Internship student – Wissarut Sukhaket

Darinka Garduño is a 2023 summer intern from México, and at the end of her internship, she will acquire her degree as a veterinarian. She is very interested in honey bees and research with no fear of stinging. She is tiny in size but mighty at heart. She hopes that her time here at the Honey Bee Research Centre will help her gain more experience and develop her beekeeping skills.

Special prize Agri-Food in Focus - Honourable Mention