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Volunteer Dog Walking

image of person holding a dog

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer dog walking program.

Sorry, the CAF volunteer dog walking program is currently at capacity for the number of dogs at the facility.  Previous volunteers still welcome.

The Central Animal Facility houses the OVC teaching colony which consists of about 20 dogs. There is a mixture of beagles, medium size hound crosses and large hound crosses.  The dogs are kennel raised and well socialized with adults.  They are working on their manners and the volunteers will be expected to follow guidelines that will ensure consistency in the training program. Although every dog has a paid walker that takes them for a 20 minute walk 5 days a week they still have lots of energy to burn and would benefit from additional exercise.

All of the dogs are available for adoption after they have spent  two semesters in the teaching program at OVC. If you are interested, or know of someone who may be interested  in adopting one of the dogs, please contact Michelle Pitre, ext 54308.

There is a defined walking area around the CAF and a fenced in “off-leash” area behind the building for fetch games and active play. An indoor play room is available for very wet and very cold days as well as walking space in the halls. Many of the dogs are happy to simply hang out with people.

All volunteers must be students or staff of the university as your student/staff card will be used to access the facility. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parental consent form signed. All of the dogs are of known health status so volunteers are not required to have an up to date rabies titre.

Volunteer hours are Monday to Friday (holidays excluded) from 8:30am to 4:15pm. A commitment of at least an hour a week is required. The hour may be spent with one dog or split between two to three dogs. It may be done in one session or in smaller increments throughout the week. If you are having a particularly busy week the time may be put in ahead of time or made up the next week.

Preference will be given to current volunteers of the CAF volunteer dog walking program. But there will be room for some new volunteers as well. Please seriously consider your ability to meet the time commitment and your dedication to dog walking before asking to be considered for a volunteer position. It is important that each volunteer can provide the dogs with consistent social interaction throughout the school year.

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Those wishing to apply for a volunteer position with the CAF Volunteer dog walking program should submit a brief one- paragraph resume of their dog experience to Michelle Pitre at mpitre@uoguelph.ca (e-mail contact only please). Sorry, but only those selected to attend an orientation will be contacted. Thank you so much to all who would like to volunteer but are not selected.