I have received new funding for my research. I already have an approved ethics protocol for the project. Do I need to notify the REB?

If you receive new funding for a project which already has an active ethics certificate in place, you must report this using a Amendment Form, regardless of the source of the funding (see TCPS2(2018) Articles 3.2 and 6.16).

If the new funding is a renewal of an existing application and will be deposited into an existing trust account, then your existing ethics certificate will cover the research done with the new funds.

If your new funding constitutes a change in source, or funding of previously unfunded work, the Ethics Office, on the advice of the REB Chair, may require a new ethics application. The decision to require a new application will be based on possible ethical implications of the funding source for the project in question and will be decided on a case by case basis.

Wording for Consent Forms

Consent forms must be modified to reflect the new source of funding for the project. Submit the updated consent form as an attachment to your change request.

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