I received funding from an outside agency for my research involving human participants. Do I need to submit a copy of the contract to the REB?

Yes. If there will be a contract or agreement with an outside agency, and you wish to obtain clearance from the University of Guelph REB, you must submit a copy of the current draft of the contract for review by the REB when you submit your REB application. The REB will review the contract to ensure that the contents are consistent with the contents of the REB protocol.

Note that the contract must also be reviewed by the Contracts Department of the Office of Research.

Once your protocol has been approved, you must proceed according to the protocol unless an amendment request is reviewed and approved. Any amendments which are made to the signed contract during the course of research must be submitted to the REB for their information along with an Amendment. 

A clause will be inserted into any contract involving work with human participants which states that the researchers are bound by the REB. For example, the Standard Contract, Item 3 would be altered as follows: “Subject to the approval of the REB (t)he University will use reasonable efforts to perform the Work…”

You must provide a signed contract to the REB within 10 days of the execution of the contract.

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