My research may lead to commercialization or intellectual property. What do I need to tell potential participants?

You must disclose to participants that the research may lead to commercialization or intellectual property in the consent document (see TCPS2(2018) Article 3 [3.2]). You must also declare the name of the sponsor of the research, if any, in the consent form. 

Wording for Consent Forms

This project may result in innovations, inventions, or intellectual property that can be commercially exploited. The income generated by such commercial exploitation will be shared between the inventor(s), who supplied the ingenuity, and the University of Guelph, which provided the facilities for the research, in accordance with the University of Guelph "Intellectual Property Policy."  

This wording can, of course, be altered to suit the particular situation. Please contact the Research Ethics Office to determine the wording which would suit your situation.

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