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Hammond Lecture - Prof. Sarah Burch

Threats to Environmental Sustainability in an Increasingly Populist Climate - Dr. Sarah Burch

SES 10th Anniversary Celebration

It was 10 years ago that Land Resource Science and Environmental Biology combined to create our outstanding school. Join us for a celebration of all that we have accomplished.  Alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends of SES are all invited.  Cake and remarks at 3:30pm. RSVP by October 8th at Please also join us for the 2019 Hammond Lecture, which will follow from 5-6:30pm.

Soils at Guelph - Open House

Soils at Guelph is an initiative by the School of Environmental Sciences to promote sustainable soil management by bridging the gap between farmers, researchers and the general public in Ontario. The Open House starts at 2pm on September 19, 2019 at the Summerlee Science Complex Atrium at the University of Guelph. It is followed by a tour of the Soil Health Interpretive Centre from 3:30pm - 6pm. There is a complimentary shuttle service. Register here:  

M.Sc. Thesis Examination - Kathleen Stevack

The M.Sc. Thesis Examination for Kathleen Stevack "Re-assessing the Degradation of Benthos BUI in the Toronto Harbour Area of Concern"  Advisory committee: Dr. Paul Sibley (Advisor) Dr. Keith Solomon Dr. David Poirier Everyone is welcome to attend.

Director's coffee

 Everyone is welcome to attend!

Public lecture on regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture at General Mills: The way forward Discover why food companies are changing their supply chains by investing in soil health. Talk by Steve Rosenzweig, a soil scientist at General Mills and followed by a panel discussion. In partnership with CREATE CCS (Climate-Smart Soils)

M.Sc. Thesis Examination - Claire Rubens

The M.Sc. Thesis Examination for Claire Rubens "Changes in the composition and structure of a wild bee community and plant-pollinator interactions in South-Central Ontario over a forty-nine year period" Advisory committee: Dr. Nigel Raine (Advisor) Dr. Madhur Anand Dr. Laurence Packer Everyone is welcome to attend.

SES Guest Seminar - Dr. Henry Chau

You are invited to come and listen to the talk by Dr. Henry Chau, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Department of Soil and Physical Sciences from Lincoln University in Christchurch New Zealand.  He will talk about: "Deep Learning Using Remote Sensing to Predict the Occurrence of Soil Water Repellency in Dryland Pastures in New Zealand"

Guelph Bug Day

Guelph Bug Day is a FUN, FREE, and EDUCATIONAL event for community members of all ages!  The goal is to cultivate a fascination for the very cool, very small world of insects. Come get up close and personal with our live specimens, take one (or two, or three!) guided bug-catching hikes in the expansive and beautiful grounds at the University of Guelph Arboretum, try tasty insect cuisine, put your imagination to the test with insect drawing contests, and explore the variety of buggy vendors that Guelph has to offer. 

SES Seminar - Dr. Liz Franklin

Our own Dr. Liz Franklin will talk about her research "Using a multiple radio tower array for assessing small organism habitat use and dispersal" Abstract:

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