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Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015




In 1833 San Jose, Costa Rica followed NYC & Paris introducing the public electric light, with Hydro-Power! 

100% of Costa Rica's electricity came from renewables for 75 days straight in 2015. National utilities had no use for fossil fuels, due to heavy rains that have kept hydroelectric plants going strong. In EartH2O At a GlanceSeries: Part 2 we are providing access to the same facilities that process and deliver hydroelectricity to millions of citizens. Stay tuned for future videos on the EartH2O experience and don't forget to review and share this pdf with your students.

As "Climate Citizens" we aim to mobilize students to make a difference. Listen to what one of our alumni has to say exemplifying the substantial benefits your students can expect after participating in our programs.

The Sustainable Energy and Water Sustainability programs available are:
JUNE 10-21 & 17-28, 2015
AUG 5-16, 2015 + MARCH 5-13 & 12-20, 2016
Includes eco-lodging, traditional meals, adventure excursions & in country transportation. Download and Share
If you'd like to integrate The EartH2O Program into your students' personal and professional development? Contact us to discuss faculty lead groups, and other partnership opportunities. 

The ASP Scholarship opportunity is here to help your students!

To do our part, we need your support. Make this opportunity accessible to driven students who may have financial limitations but deserve this opportunity.

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